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Merops Consulting House (P) Limited

MEROPS CONSULTING HOUSE (P) LTD, India, set up in 2011, is a diversified business consulting and Services Company duly registered under the Companies Act 1956 in India. The company was set up with an objective to serve to businesses in three commonly state phases of a business development viz. START - GROW - SUSTAIN.

  • START : New Business launching services
  • GROW : Business and Strategic Management
  • SUSTAIN : Industrial Safety and Sustainability Services

VISION - To be the pre-eminent and global business solutions, services and consulting company.

MISSION - To create and deliver, business enabling, growth and sustainability related, products and services, which will ensure success of customers in their business and delight them.

Though a lot of industrial and institutional collaborations have been talked about, gap in academic grooming of students in universities and industry need of functional experts, is the universal problem.

MCHPL's upcoming initiative in this respect promises sure help to industry professionals and academic experts to 'stepin' an inch closer than before. click here to know more...