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Chonnam National University

Chonnam National University was established with the hopes and wishes to complete the slogans, “Education for Country” and “Growing Man for the Century”, in 1952. The earnest desire to grow human resources and preserve the country among local people, notwithstanding life-thrilling difficulties, has been the driving force behind CNU.

CNU has continued its glorious traditions as a leading star of the Honam region toward a broader world and brighter future. CNU has grown important and professional human resources of the country as a major national university. And it has also earned a top 10-level research competence in the nation as a research-focused university. Moreover, its unstinted support for education gives the highest satisfaction to students. Based on the secred entials, Chonnam National University is growing into a world-class university.

  • CNU will grow creative global human resources through mature and customer-centered education.
  • CNU will grow a top 5 research-focused university in the nation through philanthropic support.
  • CNU will be a global-friendly university where excellent students from abroad come to enjoy study.
  • CNU will change into a specialized university through harmonious growth among Gwangju, Yeosu, and Hwasun campuses.
  1. CNU want to walk together with all of you loving Chonnam National University, hand in hand.
  2. CNU want to communicate and share feelings based on autonomy and openness.
  3. CNU will grow ample fruit by preparing together and running together. CNU will change and revise if there arises any issues that can develop Chonnam National University more and better.

Both the dragon and phoenix are the symbols of Chonnam National University. The dragon began to breathe a dragon’s breath and the phoenix began to break an egg. CNU look for much interest and support. CNU will reward you with a high degree of pride and self-esteem.