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Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology

Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology is a Scientific Society Registered under Ministry of Information Technology, with the main objective to establish technology strength in electronics materials for the present and future industrial requirement. Presently C-MET has three laboratories at Hyderabad, Pune and Thrissur. The high purity materials are the basic building blocks of electronics technology and therefore C-MET, Hyderabad is involved in development as well as scaling up of operations for production of high purity metals, alloys, special dopants and semiconductor materials. The gamut of operations required in purification process includes hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, vacuum metallurgy, Electro-metallurgy, zone refining, electron beam melting etc.

It also requires very advanced methods of analysing the impurities in ppm/ppb level employing emission spectrography, atomic absorption spectrometry, mass spectro-metry etc.

With its administrative headquarters at Pune, C-MET distributes its research activities between its three laboratories at Pune, Hyderabad and Thrissur with the above-mentioned specific research areas earmarked for each of these three laboratories. The administration and management of the Society are vested with a Governing Council, a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee.

C-MET, Pune is engaged in development of Thick Film Materials for hybrids and Surface mounted devices, speciality polymers likephotoresists, polymides and conducting polymers, nano optical glass ceramics and basic chemicals.

Dedicated to the furtherance of competent research and development in the firmament of Electronic Materials, the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology (C-MET) functions as an autonomous scientific society under the Ministry of Information Technology (MIT), Govt. of India. Besides augmenting core competence, C-MET envisions attainment of self-sufficiency in the sphere of Electronic materials, components and devices to cater to India’s strategic- and industrial- applications, exploiting indigenous resources of raw materials.