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All India Rubber Industries Association

The All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA) is a non-profit making body serving the rubber industry and trade with the objectives of safeguarding and promoting interests of the industry.

AIRIA has 1300 plus members and represents a large section of the industry and constitute a large segment of the polymer consumption which is more than one million tonnes. India is the fourth largest producer and second largest consumer of natural rubber and also fourth largest consumer of polymers.

The association provides a platform for interaction between Indian entrepreneurs, within India and rest of the world. AIRIA is the voice of the rubber industry in India and represents the industry at all forums at the state, national and international levels.

The association assists in identification of partner for joint venture, location of consumers and suppliers as also provide help required in technical and manpower training.

AIRIA is active in promoting education and training in the rubber industry at all levels the shop floor, under graduate and post graduate levels.

The association arranges international conferences, National Rubber Conference, exhibitions "India Rubber Expo", trade delegations, factory visits, techno-commercial talks and allied activities. AIRIA recognizes its members, contribution to the exports of Rubber Products, Rubber machinery and Raw Materials by giving "AIRIA Export Award" every year.

AIRIA disseminates information through the official organ "Rubber India", periodicals and circulars, newsletters and website etc.

AIRIA’s goal is to make India a significant player in all segments of the rubber industry.